Technology & Computers

The digital age for dentures is here. The many advancements in denture technology can now provide you with a more comfortable fitting and better looking denture than was ever possible before.

Computer Technology for Precision Fitting

Computerized processing techniques make it possible for you to have exceptional fitting, more comfortable and more stable dentures.

Unfortunately, most dentists today still use the old pack and press technique for curing the pink acrylic resin. However, research has concluded that this technique allows volumetric shrinkage during processing creating dimensional changes and inaccuracies in the fit of the denture base resulting in an ill-fitting denture.

We prefer what new research has found in a new fully automated injection molding technology with a controlled continuous injection and polymerization procedure of special resins (IvoBase) that minimizes the possibilities for change and reduces the chances for fabrication error.

This more accurate processing system provides a more precise fitting homogeneous denture base and gives the denture increased strength and greatly reduces wear when compared to the traditional method.

Use of this superior dimensional precision also allows the pink denture material to be made much thinner and lighter than ever possible the old way.

New Chemical Technology for Strength

Dental manufacturers have created a new standard in denture teeth with their new high-tech, more life-like designs allowing us to provide a vast array of options in size, shape and colors for your teeth.

Unlike the traditional denture teeth, the new high-tech materials allow us to create a denture which is so natural looking and so functional that it does not look like a denture is being worn and the chewing surfaces are so natural that they enable a natural pattern of chewing function.

These new strong polymers have exceptional hardness and wear resistance making your new denture chew better and last longer than ever before. This new stronger material also allows us to provide you with a thinner denture base and a better bond between the base and the tooth which helps prevent the teeth from coming loose or breaking off of the base.