Implants & Dentures

Snap-In Dentures

Over the years I have had many patients come to our office with poorly fitting dentures and another dentist had told them that they needed implants to hold them in place. My suggestion has always been that we go ahead and make them new dentures and then add implants later if they feel that they need them.  I have had very few ask for implants later. When they feel the difference that properly fitted dentures can make they realize that they do not need implants.

However, some people want implants even though their new dentures are quite comfortable. Some just want to better hold the lower in place; some want to get rid of the plastic covering the roof of their mouth. In these and other situations implants can be provided in our office.

There are several different options for people who are considering implants and I would like to help you understand the different types that are available and the approximate costs involved.

  1. 4–6 mini implants under a removable denture. Tiny rubber gaskets placed inside your denture  snap over the mini implant balls to hold the denture in place. Micro surgery is less invasive and faster healing time. This can add stability for better chewing without adhesives. Cost is approximately $6,000 for one arch.
  2. Two conventional implants under a removable denture. More bone holding them makes them more secure and less chance of failure. Cost is approximately $6,000 for one arch.
  3. Four conventional implants under a removable denture. Holds the denture even more secure than two implants. Approximate cost is around $8,000 for one arch.
  4. Non-removable porcelain bridge connected to four or more implants. As seen on TV. Feels like real teeth, no plastic and you cannot take it out. However cosmetics can be compromised, oral hygiene is often very difficult and retaining screws can break. Cost is approximately $20,000 for one arch. More if additional implants are required.

These options are available in our office. Call us if you would like a no charge consultation to discuss your needs and the options that will work best for your situation.

Implants will definitely provide a more secure fit and help stabilize a denture.

Lower dentures can be very hard to wear since they are retained mostly by the muscles of the lips, cheeks and tongue. When someone does require implants it is usually because they do not have enough bone on the lower to maintain any stability for their lower denture. There is not enough vertical bone to stabilize the denture. When this situation arises we place two lower implants with balls on the top that the denture snaps onto. The problem is solved.

Implants on the upper are for those people who cannot wear dentures because it makes them gag. Implants allow upper dentures to be built in the shape of an arch instead of having to cover the entire palate.