Immediate Dentures

If you don’t have dentures but you have painful teeth or an unattractive smile we can improve your chewing ability and give you a very pleasing smile.

In order to save you the embarrassment of going without teeth, you can elect to have a denture placed in your mouth at the same time your teeth are removed. This denture is called an Immediate Denture.

Most all extractions are done right in our office. Rarely is it necessary for you to be referred to a specialist for extractions.

There are some disadvantages that you need to be aware of when you have an immediate denture:

  1. When teeth are removed the gums will shrink, causing changes in the fit of your denture. In many cases, the denture will feel looser with almost every day that passes. We will do everything we can to help you maintain an adequate fit during this time of healing, including temporary relines. You may need to use some adhesive.
  2. Construction of the denture requires an imprecise estimation of the postoperative position of your gums. Because of this you will probably have sore spots that will require office visits for adjustments to your denture to relieve these pressure areas.
  3. The denture acts as a bandage during healing. It should not be removed during the 24 hours after your extractions. At that time you should rinse them off. After the initial healing, they should be removed upon retiring every evening.
  4. Chewing and biting will be more difficult for you.
  5. Your speech may be affected until you adjust to it.
  6. Unlike a final denture, it is not possible to check the position and appearance of your denture prior to its placement in your mouth. Before the teeth are removed, there is no way for you to see how the teeth will look in your mouth. However, I will use my years of experience and my best judgment to get your Immediate or Temporary Denture to look and function it’s very best.

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Dr. Mark Williams